Who We Are

 Tavistock Dementia Alliance


In June 2012 members of the Rotary Club of Tavistock decided to create a project group with the aim of participating in the Prime Minister’s challenge of creating dementia-friendly communities across the UK. The Club has a long history of working on dementia issues through the national organisation REPOD (Rotarians Easing Problems of Dementia) and had helped establish the Tavistock Memory Café. By September 2012 the group had recruited a wide range of stakeholders, supporters and experts in the field. From emergency services to businesses; from GPs to Consultants; all volunteers committed to working towards making Tavistock a dementia-friendly town.The group gained the encouragement of Angela Rippon, national Co- chair of the Dementia-Friendly Communities Champion Group to act as Patron to the Tavistock Alliance which was formally launched in December 2012 at a Dementia Awareness Day in the Town Hall.

Launch of Tavistock Dementia Action Alliance with patron Angela Rippon


Pictured left to right are: Dr. Stephen Pearson (Consultant Psychiatrist), June Wildman (Chair of Tavistock Memory Cafe), Angela Rippon (Patron of Alliance), Tony Parker (Chair of Alliance) and Councillor Robin Musgrave (Mayor of West Devon).

Our Objects

The objects of theTavistock Dementia Alliance Community Interest Organisation are to relieve the needs of people with dementia and their carers in Tavistock and surrounding area for the public benefit by:

  1. The provision of social activities to meet their needs and relieve isolation and loneliness;

  2. Raising awareness and understanding of dementia in Tavistock and the surrounding area by the provision of free training to local businesses and social groups;

  3. Working in association and liaison with other charities and organisations in theTavistock and the surrounding area.

         The Alliance is now a Registered Charity.

We will do this by:

  1. Identifying local needs of people with dementia and their carers

  2. Developing greater awareness and understanding of dementia issues in our community

  3. Establishing networks and links with businesses, social organisations and support service providers for those with a dementia and their carers

  4. Providing training and briefing to businesses and social organisations to help reduce isolation and loneliness for those with a dementia and their carers

  5. Providing accessible information in guides and packages, social media and our website.

Structure and Meetings

Governance and Structure: the Alliance has three main groups; Executive (6 Trustees), Steering and Supporters' groups. The members of the Steering Group work collaboratively towards the shared aims and within the shared values of the Alliance.

 The Executive and the Steering Group are responsible for, and agree to undertake to:

 * Ensure the development of an Annual Action Plan needed to contribute to achieving the aims of the Alliance

* Monitor and review on a six monthly basis the implementation of the Action Plan against agreed criteria, and to take any necessary action following the review

* Ensure the infrastructure of the Alliance is adequate to deliver the outcomes of the aims as agreed

 * Represent the Alliance at local and national levels where appropriate

* Undertake to attend a minimum of 2 scheduled meetings and an Action Planning meeting each year

* Establish ‘Task and Finish’ working sub-groups at anytime for a defined period when required.

Decision Making: The Steering Group will normally make strategic and operational decisions collectively but if for reasons of effectiveness and efficiency it is necessary for some day-to-day matters to be decided upon promptly, decisions may be made by the appointed Trustees.

Action Plan: All the detail of the actions, measures and timescales that contribute to evaluating the success of the Alliance are contained in the 2018/19 Action Plan. This is freely available and can be downloaded by clicking here.

Projects Ongoing

The Alliance is currently analysing and identifying the training, briefing, advice and policy needs of all those organisations in the Town who have pledged their support to the project.

Tavistock BID: (Business Improvement District) With over 300 networked local business members BID is acting as conduit for information on the Alliance including a significant presence for the Alliance on their web-site. BID is also acting as an effective lobbyist and campaigner with other organisations on town centre issues and ways to improve the business environment.

TASS: Tavistock Area Support Services - TASS offers activities in Tavistock and drop in centre's in local outlying areas. It includes the Memory Cafe. It has established important networks to support those in need and is now also acting as an advocate on the part of the Alliance in promoting Tavistock as a dementia-friendly Town.

TACT: Tavistock Area Christians Together - a network of churches and fellowships in the Tavistock area who are working with the Alliance in places of worship to make them more dementia-friendly. This was highlighted as a specific local need in a survey conducted through the Memory Café.

Tavistock College: the local college has been selected as a pioneer school piloting education and training in dementia. As Angela Rippon, Patron of the Tavistock Alliance has said “It is only through educating the next and future generations that the current stigma associated with dementia can be eradicated.”

Devon County Council Management plan: papers from the Alliance have been submitted to guide and influence policy makers on many issues including, street furniture signs, footpaths. A County and Borough Councillor sits on the Alliance steering group

Rotary – District: Through REPOD and work with the South West Rotary District other Rotary Clubs are being encouraged to ‘take up the baton’ and act as catalysts to creating dementia-friendly communities. Presentations have been made to numerous Clubs and collaborative arrangements established to facilitate this project.


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